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BaaziAdda is the most trusted source for information about online casinos, sports
betting sites, online gambling tips and reviews in India.

Our Mission

BaaziAdda’s mission is to inform, educate and navigate users to make their online betting endeavor safe, profitable and enjoyable.

Our crew is responsible for conducting research, setting guidelines, providing reviews of online casino websites & apps, and carefully analyzing various bonuses, promotions, other features and make it available to the gamers.

Our objective scrutiny makes us stand apart in the online betting industry.

We also share betting tips for each betting option, along with news, expert predictions, stats and other updates.

Our Vision

To make online betting better and smarter in India, by guiding users to the right platform, after meticulous scrutiny of all the aspects.

Our prescient goal is to offer all gamblers the best possible experience while gambling online. We work diligently every day to provide suggestions for the most reliable online casinos and sports betting sites.

Our Focus

Online Betting Industry

Though there are various categories, our focus is to explore two betting segments: Online Sports Betting & Online Casinos.

Sports Betting Sites

The growth of online sports betting around the globe is tremendous. As a result of availability and accessibility, many users prefer online mode to bet on their favorite sport.

To make things easier for you, we’ve already cut down the options by listing the top online sports betting sites.

  • Our selection criteria is stringent and straightforward.
  • Since we have a consumer-centric approach and user-friendly analysis, our listings are always popular, reliable and holistic.
  • We love cricket and other sports as much as you do. The team of experts from BaaziAdda handpicks betting sites which are conducive to online sports betting.

Online Casino Sites

The abundance of online casino games may baffle any online gambler. In addition to that, finding the right platform to play the game-you-like is an arduous task. At BaaziAdda, we pick betting sites which provide various online casino games, with exciting rewards, easy processes and convenient payment modes.

  • We cover all categories of online casino games: slots, cards, wheels, crash & dice.
  • Our selection is based on interface, graphics, payout & payment.
  • We look for device compatibility for each site.

BaaziAdda Selection Criteria for Casino & Sports Betting sites

Our crew invests a significant amount of time and effort into thoroughly investigating each and every facet of all the sites involved. Take a look at some of the most significant aspects that go into our evaluation process of these gambling sites.


Safety & Sensitivity

Safety is our key parameter to evaluate and to assess a betting site. There is no compromise or second thoughts when we list the top betting sites in India.


Bonuses & Promotions

Online betting sites offer special bonuses and promotions. We check if those events are seasonal or long-lasting. From Welcome Bonus to Cashback, a site must be comprehensive in rewarding the users.


Gambling Options

In the online gambling world, experienced users know how important strategy is and how important variety is. An individual’s strategy is often based on having a wide range of choices. We look for all the betting options available.


Fast Payouts

Instant deposit is something that we are strict about. Along with that, withdrawal turn-around-time, process smoothness and convenient methods.


Customer Service

The availability of customer support is integral for enhancing the betting experience.


User Interface

Site navigation must be user-friendly. If it is hard to navigate to the right games, it will be time-consuming.


Your Online Betting Partner | Why us?

If you’re new to our website, you may be asking why you should choose us as your online betting partner. Here are some of the reasons that we are proud of:

  • We are free and available 24×7.
  • Experts for each field (Sports & Casino).
  • Real-time updates
  • Comprehensive list for online betting in India
  • Betting Rules, Tips & Guides
  • Collated Bonuses & Promotions

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