Troubleshooting Betway Withdrawal Issues: Guide For Smooth Transactions

Withdrawing money at Betway is fast, reliable and convenient. However, various factors can lead to withdrawal issues. But before looking into it, it’s vital to know the nitty-gritty when withdrawing from this bookie. The following guide has everything you need to know about withdrawing and troubleshooting withdrawal issues. Going through this will help you avoid experiencing any glitches during the process.

How to Withdraw Money from Your Betway Account?

Withdrawing from the platform for desktop and mobile users is easy and fast. Follow the steps mentioned below –

  • Log in to your account
  • Go to the banking option and tap on the withdrawal tab
  • Pick the preferred cash-out method and finish the process by inputting the needed information.
  • Your request will be in waiting, and after the Betway staff approves, the cash will be credited to your account. However, it’s crucial to understand that the processing time depends on the method of payment you use.
  • Lastly, you can look at the status of your withdrawal by accessing “Transaction History” in your user section.

What Are the Betway Withdrawal Options and Duration?

The bookie provides its users with various common payout methods in India. They include Skrill, Neteller, Instadebit,ecoPayz, Paypal, credit/debit cards or bank transfers. The least amount you can withdraw depends on the method you use.

Withdrawal may take 2 hours to 3 working days for you to get the money in your bank account after processing.

  • Ewallet takes 2 to 24 hours
  • Debit cards take two to three working days.
  • Bank transfers take two to three working days.

It’s vital to remember that cash-out requests made on Friday evening or the weekend will be processed on Monday. It’s because most banks are not operational during the weekends.

What Are the Betway Withdrawal Fees?

Betway India is fair to users with no withdrawal fees, but payment methods may have additional costs. Check with your preferred provider for potential unexpected fees.

What Are the Possible Issues You May Encounter During Withdrawal?

When withdrawing money from Betway, there are high chances you will not encounter any issues that will cause delay or rejection. However, occasionally you may find yourself running into Betway withdrawal problems. It may be as a result of the following:

  • The cash you are trying to withdraw is less than the minimum the medium of withdrawal allows.
  • The cash you withdraw is more than the maximum you can withdraw with that method.
  • You do not meet the wagering requirements on a deposit bonus.
  • You have a slow internet connection
  • Your computer may have issues delaying the process.

How to Solve the Possible Withdrawal Issues?

Required Minimum Amount

Before submitting your cash-out request, always check the minimum withdrawal requirement of your chosen method. Withdrawing less than what is required will result in Betway withdrawal problems. But you can avoid this by inputting the minimum amount and resubmitting your withdrawal request. If your balance is below the stipulated amount, you won’t be able to withdraw.

Account Verification

Another reason for Betway’s withdrawal problems is the failure to submit the required documents. The documents are important to help in verifying your account. The Malta Gambling Authority that licensees the platform requires users to submit identity documentation. They may include passports, driver’s licenses or National IDs. After the Betway staff verifies your documents, you can resubmit the cash-out request for approval.

Withdrawal Limit

Most users at Betway experience this problem during withdrawal. It happens when you exceed the maximum amount the methods accept. The various payment mediums that Betway accepts have a withdrawal limit. The bookie will not process your request if it exceeds the stipulated amount. But this problem has a solution. All you have to do is to enter an amount equal to the method you are using and submit.

Wagering Requirements

The bookie requires you to wager all the deposits in your account at least once before qualifying to submit a cash-out request. For example, if you deposit Rs 100 and you wager Rs 90, your cash-out request will be declined. As per the bookie’s wagering requirements, you must bet the remaining Rs 10. After using the Rs 10, you can visit the Betway payment section and submit your payout request.

Computer Related issues

You may experience Betway withdrawal problems due to computer-related issues. Although this is not a common issue, computer issues may cause delay in withdrawal. They include –

  1. Operating with an outdated version of your browser
  2. It is infected with Malware
  3. The device has an unstable internet connection
  4. The browser is corrupted

The solution is clearing the cache and checking everything is running well. By doing this, you will be able to make a withdrawal in no time.

What Other Issues May Cause a Betway Withdrawal Problem?

You have a list of the main issues that may result in denial of cashing out at Betway. But there are other issues that may lead to rejection or refusal. They include

  • Duplicate accounts, as the bookie states, only one account is allowed per person.
  • Beaching the terms and conditions

With years of experience, Betway ensures fast and seamless withdrawal processes. Though occasional issues may arise, there are simple solutions. Follow the mentioned steps for quick withdrawals. If problems persist, reach out to Betway customer support via email or live chat for assistance.


What’s the Minimum Cash-Out Amount on Betway?

The minimum you can withdraw on this bookie is Rs 1000, but your method also affects it.

What’s the Maximum I Can Cash Out at Betway?

Betway maximum amount you can withdraw is unlimited. But remember, the withdrawal method might limit the maximum you can cash out.

What Issues May Result in Withdrawal Refusal?

Some issues include computer-related issues, duplicate accounts, and withdrawal limits.