Explained: The Basics Of Cricket Betting And How It Works

Cricket has been around for a long time and has gained massive popularity. It’s the 2nd most-known sport in the world and the most watched in India. Gamers can support their teams by betting, which is possible through the many bookies available. But before placing a bet, it’s vital to learn cricket betting basics and how it works. Here is an in-depth guide on how cricket betting works and other basics.

Before wagering on any bookie in India, players must understand the different betting markets. Here is a list to help you make an informed decision and know how cricket betting works.

  • Completed match: You can place a wager in one-day games if the match ends that day. If you have analysed the weather or other may affect the game’s completion, bet it will not be completed. When placing these wagers, you bet yes or no if these teams will finish the game.
  • Match bet: It’s the most common, where you must pick from three outcomes. You can opt for the home team to win, the away team to win, or it will end in a tie. A Test match can also end in a draw. Due to its simplicity, most gamers tend to bet on it.
  • Innings run: Here, you predict how many runs will be scored in the first innings of the game. Most bookies express This bet type as an over/under wager. The bookmark will post several runs, and you will say if it will be under or over.
  • Top Bowler: If you want to bet on specific players, this is the best wager. You must pick a player who will pick the most wickets in a game or series.
  • Tops Batsman: Placing such a wager, you choose a player who will score the most goals during a game or series. You can select a player from either of the team.
  • Series winner: Cricket teams enter a series of matches to get the overall winner. When betting on this bet, you choose which of the two teams will emerge as the winner at the end of the series.
  • Tournament outright winner: It’s a bet for people who want to bet on the final winner of the tournament. In this bet type, you choose the team that will win.
  • Over/underscore: It’s a favourite bet type among cricket games. The bookie posts the total score they think each team will make at the end of a game. All you have to do is bet if the team’s score will be over or under.
  • Dismissal method: It’s a common bet type in live cricket betting. This bet type allows you to predict the dismissal manner of the batsman in the crease. The outcome can be bowled, caught, LBW, run out, stumped or others.
  • Odds/even run: In this betting market, you wager if a team’s runs will be an even or odd number. It can be for an over or an entire innings. It’s vital to remember that a zero score is considered even.
  • Series score: Cricket also allows you to bet on several matches in a tournament. In this bet, you wager on the number of games won or lost. Note that each bookie lists different combinations of matches won and lost.

What are the cricket events/formats you can wager on?

Just like other sports, cricket has many competitions and tournaments all year. After learning about the betting markets, knowing the contests to wager on is vital.

  1. IPL( Indian Premier League)-T20

It’s a T20 contest that features eight teams from Indian states and cities. It has 14 games for every team, followed by a qualifier, eliminators and the final that are played between March and May every year. Because it’s a short format, many player bets and team totals are lower than the formats. The IPL and the Australian Big Bash League are two of the best tournaments to wager on for beginners.

  1. ODI (One Day International)

Like T20, it’s played in two innings, and each side bats once. But the difference is in One Day International, the maximum number of overs is 50 rather than 20. 

  1. Test match Cricket

T20 and ODI are contests familiar to most people and loved by most cricket betting beginners. But when it comes to Test cricket, experienced cricket fans consider it the purest form of the sport. Test cricket is a five day version of the game that comprises four innings. The two sides bat twice per game and exchange fielding and bowling up to 90 overs per day.

Understanding how cricket betting works is vital to place the right wagers. First, you must learn the different betting markets you can bet on. They include top batters, top bowlers, match bets, tied bets, odds/even runs, dismissal method, completed matches etc. It will help you pick the right bet according to our knowledge. Lastly, learning about the different cricket tournaments will also be helpful. It ensures you get a contest or game to place your stake in and make money.


Which are the most common types of bets?

They include the match bet, series winner, top batsman, completed matches, dismissal method and many more.

What’s the best bet type for beginners to bet on?

They can start with the top batsman by predicting who will score the most runs in a match.

Which is the best cricket event in the world?

The ICC Cricket World Cup and many others are recognised as the most prestigious of all cricket contests.