What Is Cash Out In Betting?

One thing that stands out about online betting is its flexibility and versatility, which ensures players access to new features that traditional betting lacks. When online betting was first introduced in India, players had to wait for the match to end to determine if they were getting a payout. Although betting was fun, the massive losses were quite disheartening. After thorough research and development, bookmakers came up with the concept of cashouts which allows players to control their bets. This is one of the greatest features to launch in betting sites. Let’s analyse it further to understand what it entails.

Cash Out Overview

If you are wondering what cash out is in betting, it is a feature that allows players to settle their bets before the conclusion of respective matches. In a traditional betting setup, the payout is determined at the end of an event after a bet is placed. This cashout feature offers a flexible alternative for players to exit their bets earlier, whether winning or losing.

Popular sports like cricket, football and basketball change dramatically as the games proceed. As a result, the outcome can flip as the game advance towards the result, which impacts the probability of a winning bet.

How Does a Cash Out Work?

Cash out in betting is based on real-time odds calculations to determine the value of a bet at every minute. When a player decides to cash out, the bookie will calculate their stake by the respective odds, which sets their bets at a certain amount. Various factors determine the cashout amount like current odds, winning probability and the initial stake.

What does cash out mean in betting? You may ask. Take this example; if you bet Rs 100 on a football match and your team is ahead 2-0 with 10 minutes left to the conclusion. The bookie may calculate a payout of Rs 130, which secures your profits before the match ends.

Alternatively, if your team is losing, the cashout amount will be lower than the original stake. For example, if you bet Rs.100 on a team to win, yet it is trailing 1-0 behind the opponent, the payout may be around Rs 70, which aims to minimise potential losses.

Types of Cash Outs

There are different types of cashouts offered by betting sites to provide more convenience to players.

Full Cash Out

A full cash out means bettors can withdraw the full amount displayed on their bet slip as calculated by the bookie. After cashing out, the bet will be settled while the match proceeds.

Partial Cash Out

Partial cashout allows players to claim a certain amount of their available cashout funds while leaving some to cover the rest of the match. The bookie enables players to leave part of their cash out for a bigger payout or to minimise their losses if there is a swing in the match results.

Auto Cash Out

Auto cash out is an automatic feature on betting sites that let players set a predetermined amount that the system withdraws. Once the specific amount is achieved after calculating odds by the stake, the auto cash out delivers the funds directly to your account. However, the feature is new, and various bookies are still trying it out.

How to cash out a Cricket Bet

Cricket cash outs work differently from other sports because scores are calculated depending on runs scored and wickets taken. To understand what is cash-out betting in cricket, think of India facing Ireland in a Test Match with odds of 3.0 to win. These odds show that India is the underdog, and if they win, you receive a huge payout.

You decide to wager Rs 500 on Indian to win, which translates to a Rs 1500 payout. However, India progresses well in the test match, which increases their chances of winning after Day 1. Since the odds are reduced, you can either cash out Rs 1000 for a Rs 500 profit.

If you cash out, open your live bet slip and click ‘Cash Out’ to take the available winnings. Alternatively, you can hold your position and expect a huge payout of Rs 1500 from the original stake.

Why is Cash Out Unavailable?

While most events allow cashouts for in-play betting, some events may not have it for the following reasons –

  • Suspended Market

A bookmaker may suspend an event in case of an incident that affects the cashout value. In cricket, it could either be a fall in wickets or a pending decision which denotes market unavailability.

  • Coverage Issues

When a bookmaker loses coverage of a sporting event, the cashout feature may be withdrawn and remain unavailable throughout the match. However, you are still guaranteed to receive winnings at the end of the game if your team wins.

  • Technical Issues

Sometimes a betting site experiences technical issues that may affect cashout payout calculation. However, since bookies are quick to resolve these issues, consider refreshing your browser for the function to reappear.

While cash out is still a new concept in the online betting landscape, it has become exceptionally popular among players and bookmakers. It allows players to re-evaluate their decisions and profit from the available stake or minimise losses. Therefore, whether you are betting on football, IPL, or tennis, betting sites in India allow you to get your money back if you lose confidence in the bets you have placed. You are only required to keep your eyes on the game and take your profits while you can.


Can I Cash Out Betting on Mobile?

Yes. Bookmakers offer the same cashout feature on their mobile apps for convenient withdrawals. However, if the site is not optimised for mobile, you may have to check the cashout feature on the menu.

When Should I Cash Out My Bet?

The best time to cash out is when your desired bet result takes shape the earliest. At this time, the odds are higher and give you profits before the opposing team erases your gains.

When Should You Avoid Cashing Out

Avoid cashing out on long-term bets like Test Matches or the ICC world cup, especially if your team shows potential. The fluctuating odds make cashing out pointless because you can gain more.

How Are Cash Outs Calculated?

Bookmakers calculate cash outs by multiplying current odds by the available stake. For example, if the odds for a particular are 1.5, with an expected payout of Rs 300, the cashout value is between Rs 150-200, depending on the time left.