What Is Cricket Betting?

Curious about cricket betting? This comprehensive guide breaks down the intricacies of this popular form of sports gambling. From understanding the odds to exploring different types of bets, here’s all the essential information you need to dive into the world of cricket betting.

What Is Cricket Betting?

Cricket is a global sport attracting millions of fans worldwide. India has the most significant number of cricket supporters in the world. Punters are now joining cricket betting to pass the time and support their favourite teams. So, more bookmarkers are flooding their market to satisfy the demand of the players. In cricket betting, players can place their wagers on different markets and tournaments. This review on cricket betting will help you navigate the world of live cricket betting.

What is cricket exchange betting?

It refers to a platform that allows players to bet against each other. The players get to set their odds and engage in peer-to-peer betting. It creates a dynamic and interactive experience for punters. For instance, a punter can bet on a team to win a game, and the other bets on the team to lose. In such a case, your bet is compared to those that backed the opposite.
In this type of betting, the platform earns a small commission on winnings and doesn’t benefit from payers’ losses. If a punter loses a bet, the money goes to punters that bet against them, and the bookmark facilitates the exchange.

Unique selling propositions

In cricket, betting brands have to incorporate USPs to beat their competitors. Some of the USPs they use to remain the best in the market include:

Withdrawal and deposit methods – The best apps offer various payment methods to avoid limiting players. It will make it easy for punters to place their bets and withdraw winnings.

  • Welcome Bonuses – These bonuses are the best way brands attract customers to register on their site. The better the welcome bonus and the lower the minimum first deposit, the more players register.
  • Customer support- Customer support is another pain point that brands focus on. The best sites ensure they have several ways customers can reach them 24/7.
  • Other promotions- The brands offer bonuses to keep and attract customers. They include: reload bonuses, refer a friend and cashback.

How to start online cricket betting:

  • First, you must choose a site you want to place a bet with
  • After choosing, go on Google to download the app or access the site
  • Fill in all the required information and specify the country of origin and currency.
  • The punter gets a username and password to secure the account.
  • Now you can make the first deposit and start enjoying your favourite game.

Featured Cricket Matches

Here are the upcoming featured matches on these sites. They include:

  • Nordic T201 cup 2023 on 18th 921st May
  • Ireland visits England for Test 2023 from 26th May- 4th June
  • Afghanistan touring Sri Lanka 2023 from 2nd – 7th June
  • West Indies visit to UAE 2023 from 5th -9th June
  • ICC World Test Championship final 2023 form 7th-12th June
  • Afghanistan visit Bangladesh 2023 from 14th June -16th July
  • ICC men T20 World Cup Europe Qualifier 2023 from 20th-28th July
  • ICC Men’s T20 World Cup East Asia Pacific Qualifier 2023 from 22nd-29th July
  • New Zealand visits to the United Arab Emirates from 17th -20th August
  • New Zealand visit to England, 2023, from 30th August to 15th September
  • Australia’s visit to South Africa,2023, from 30th August to 17th September
  • Ireland visits England ODI Series,2023, from 20th-26 September.
  • England visit West Indies, 2023 from 3rd-22nd December
  • Pakistan visit Australia 2023-24 from 14th December to 7th January
  • West Indies visit to Australia 2024 from 17th January to 13th February.

How to Identify the Best Cricket Betting App?

There are different apps where one can bet on cricket and earn real money. However, it’s crucial to consider the following factors when choosing an app to play.

  • Licensing and reputation – The relevant authorities must license a good betting app. It assures you that the transactions are safe. Additionally, go with a site with an established reputation to avoid being scammed.
  • Bonuses and promotions- bonuses attract players and show the app is legit. They give you more options to place bets, but players must use them well.
  • Payment options- The best betting apps provide different payment options. The more payment options a site offers, the better for their player. It helps in ensuring convenience for each player.
  • Customer support- In betting, customer care is crucial. When choosing an app, ensure their support is fast in case of any issues. You should ensure it provides support all day.
  • Mobile compatibility- The best cricket betting online apps are compatible with Android and ios. It ensures that every punter can enjoy betting regardless of their mobile operating system.

Best Cricket betting app in India with instant withdrawal


It’s among the best cricket betting apps that offer instant withdrawal. The payouts are in 15 minutes, and the fastest mediums are Skrill, UPI and Netteller.


1XBET features in the list when it comes to online cricket betting. The payout takes about 15 minutes. The mediums that offer the fastest include Skril, Neteler, crypto and Astropay.


Their payouts are in 15 minutes which is very fast. It’s possible when you use the following mediums: Astropay and crypto.

Most Trusted Cricket Betting App

Here are some of the most trusted online cricket betting apps in India:

Promotions and offers

These cricket betting online sites offer different promotions and offers. They include:

  1. Welcome bonus
    Every site offers a welcome bonus when a player registers on their platform. The compensation helps players get a chance to enjoy risk-free winnings.
  1. Free bets
    Free bets allow players to bet without depositing any cash. These bets are great for players that don’t need a bankroll to enjoy their favourite games. Players who use the stakes and win receive the winnings and do not include the free bet amount.
  1. Reload bonuses
    After registration, a player makes the first deposit and earns the welcome bonus. They receive the reload bonus when they deposit more funds into the account. This bonus enables players to claim a percentage of the funds as a bonus.
  1. Refer a friend
    A player gets this bonus when they refer a friend. But the friend has r to use the referral code. It helps a player get more funds to play their favourite games. Live cricket betting is big in India, with more punters joining these sites daily. We have given you a review that tells everything you need to know. Now you know the platforms to place your cricket bet on.

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