What is CDM in football?

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What is CDM in football?


CDM in football stands for Central Defensive Midfielder. It is a specific position on the football field where a player is responsible for protecting the team’s defense and providing a link between the defense and the midfield. The CDM typically sits in front of the center-backs and is responsible for intercepting passes, breaking up attacks, and providing cover for the defense.

The role of the CDM is crucial in preventing the opposing team from creating scoring opportunities. They are often tasked with marking the opposition’s attacking midfielder or playmaker, disrupting their rhythm and reducing their influence on the game. Additionally, the CDM is often involved in launching counter-attacks by quickly transitioning the ball from defense to attack.

Some notable attributes of a good CDM include defensive awareness, tackling ability, positioning, anticipation, and good passing skills. Due to the physical demands of the position, CDMs are typically strong and have good stamina to cover large areas of the pitch.

Famous examples of great CDMs in football history include Claude Makélélé, Sergio Busquets, Andrea Pirlo, Gilberto Silva, and N’Golo Kanté.

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