What is false 9 in football?

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What is false 9 in football?


False 9 is a tactical position in football where a player, typically a striker, operates deeper and away from the traditional center forward position. This strategy requires the player to drop back into the midfield, rather than staying close to the opposition’s defensive line.

The term “false 9” originated from the traditional numbering system used to name playing positions in football. In this system, the number 9 typically refers to the center forward or the target man who occupies the most advanced position on the field. However, when a player plays as a false 9, they purposely deceive the opposing defenders by operating in unconventional areas of the pitch.

The false 9 position was popularized by player and coach Johan Cruyff and later utilized by players like Lionel Messi. It allows for a more fluid and dynamic attacking style, as the false 9 can drop deep and create space for overlapping runs from wide players or attacking midfielders. This tactical approach makes it challenging for defenders to mark the false 9 effectively, as they are not used to tracking players in deeper positions.

By playing as a false 9, the player can become a playmaker, creating goal-scoring opportunities for their teammates. This strategy also causes confusion among opposing defenders, as they must decide whether to track the false 9 or leave them unmarked and potentially expose their defensive structure.

Overall, the false 9 position is a tactical innovation that adds versatility and unpredictability to an attacking team’s gameplay. It requires a player with exceptional technical skills and intelligence to exploit spaces and create scoring opportunities for their team.

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